Choosing a Good Service

Some tips on choosing a Janitorial or Cleaning Service

  1. Investigate insurance and bond certification. And call for proof and amount covered.
  2. Learn what their hiring practices are. Since you’re handing the keys to your office over to potential strangers, you should know what kind of background checks they conduct and how they handle the interview process.
  3. Clean records. You may obtain records including company credit from e.g. Dunn & Bradstreet ; all you need is the company number, or any other credible agencies. You don’t want to have somebody helping themselves to your supplies.
  4. Review contracts carefully. Ensure that all of the details of the deal are in writing – from the services provided to the frequency of service to the costs.
  5. Get references. Make sure you contact 3 to 4 businesses that have worked with the cleaning company in the past. Ask them several questions about the company’s quality of work and service so you can gauge if you’ll be comfortable working with them.
  6. Customer service. Communication is a virtual element in cleaning. Make sure they are available anytime – can they be a solution or response to your emergences.
  7. Safety. Check with them on there safety plans for your premises if cleaning goes on during business hours and also for themselves when they clean. You want to have your facility safe 24/7.
  8. Green certified Brands. We all have to take care of our world let make sure bi-degradable brands are used.

Though budget is a deciding factor, give it a maximum of 50% – the rest  fill in with requirements that will give you a piece of mind. Hire a company that will be a partner of your business so it’s important to feel comfortable with the services they provide and build a strong working relationship from the start.

Our Uniforms

We choose orange shirts which double as a safety color when serving occupied facilities, name tags for ID and communication, and black pants.

A credible janitorial or cleaning service provider should provide you with the previously mentioned requirements voluntarily. You as the customer should not have to ask for them unless you have some other custom requirements depending on your company policy.